Cali Cartel

per 1/8 oz


(Wedding Cake x Chemdawg)

Aromas: Diesel, Sweet, Pungent

This cultivar has pungent aroma that creeps into your nostrils pitches a tent, roast some sweet marshmallows and camps in your nose. Although Cali Cartel is leaning heavy on its Chemdawg lineage in aroma don't let the smell of fuel fool you this cultivar has a hint of sweet cake in each exhale that relieves you off any social anxiety. The perfect "work time" strain that can get you through the constant anxiety the barking of your boss brings you with the extra dose of focus that can even make those of us with ADHD finish a book in one sitting. Cali Cartel is the perfect cultivar for those who want to smoke a sativa leaning cultivar without the mind meltdown full of anxiety leaving you to crush your daily task one by one.


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